Working in mixed media and using a combination of techniques, we absolutely love a kitsch mash-up. Our collections draw inspiration from not only music icons and artists but also classic cartoon characters. 

Beautifully crafted

Care and attention goes into every piece of Tiny Riot artwork. We only release a new edition when we are absolutely thrilled with it. The idea behind it, the technique that’s used, the printing process, the colour palette, sourcing and selecting the paper for each edition and the number of proofs we receive… they’re all carefully considered before we are truly happy.

️️️️ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

We are a 3 person collective and we handle everything from creating the work, packaging your prints and answering all your emails and questions. You will always be talking to one of us. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than getting positive feedback. To hear that you’re overjoyed to receive your print or that it was ‘even better than you thought’ means the world to us and makes us just want to keep on doing what we’re doing.